High Point Furniture Market Overview

The Madison bedroom

 Tidbit:   With another High Point Furniture Market behind us we’re in the process of unwinding and following up with folks who visited our showroom. The Madison bedroom and the 21-X quick ship program were the market hits for us. With a new Antique Glaze finish and powdered steel inserts our Madison bedroom was the overall best seller! The 21-X program was formally introduced as well at this market.  The quick ship program features our best 6 tables, 6 chairs, 3 servers, 3 groups of occasionals and our Binghamton bedroom for fast, 21-day shipment. As busy as market tends to be it is also a lot of fun…Check out some photos below!

Quote:  A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool."  – William Shakespeare 


Just for Laughs:  Meanwhile in Australia…




Fun Amish Fact:  Steve and Ernie drove down to North Carolina with me to help set up our showroom for market. In order to get back home they took a 3 a.m. train from High Point, NC. The Amish will not fly on airplanes, instead relying on ground transportation even for long distances. What might seem an inconvenience is actually a nice way to travel. Steve and Ernie had a 6 hour layover in Washington DC where they took the time to catch a tour bus and see many of our nation’s historic places. After they boarded another train towards Indiana they finally arrived home 30 hours after they left North Carolina. A driver was hired to pick them up from the train station and take them to their homes. Sometimes what we see as inconveniences are ways in which the Amish can spend time together enjoying each other’s company for longer periods of time. It’s the nature of who they are.


Jon working on the new touch screen interface


Steve & Ernie


Steve & Ernie working with customers


The Milbridge bedroom


Cliff Klassen from Edmonton, AB goofing around


Chad with the executives from Murrow’s Trucking


A shot of the showroom from the vantage point of my iPad :-)