A job worth doing is worth doing right!

Tidbit:  It was brought to my attention over the weekend how much folks appreciate the fact that we finish our furniture everywhere with our special catalyzed varnish. Even if you feel the underside of our tabletops, chair seats and interiors of cabinets you’ll notice that it’s all covered! An easy way to “cut corners” would be to only stain those surfaces…Not Conrad Grebel!  A job worth doing is worth doing right.


Quote:  Those who stand for nothing fall for anything."  – Alexander Hamilton


Just for Laughs: 


Fun Amish Fact: Today is election day in our nation. All day long the candidates and the political pundits will be scrambling to see the outcomes of political races all across the country. In contrast, the Amish won’t lose a wink of sleep thinking about the results come tomorrow morning. Here is what I wrote in 2012 related to the Amish & Mennonites and their voting: Many Mennonites will vote and their votes are all over the map, from liberal to conservative reflecting their personal views. Depending on the individual district and congregation some Amish will vote, but the majority will not. I’m not aware of any formal rule that prohibits them from voting, it’s more of a personal choice. For those who do vote more of them will participate in local elections as opposed to national elections. I was in our cabinet shop yesterday where I asked Verlin more about it. Basing his answer on Romans 13:1 he said he prefers to pray for our elections in lieu of voting believing that God ordains our leaders, no matter the political affiliation. His feelings reflect other Amish folks and their views that their lives are meant to live in quiet and that whoever is elected is God’s will for us.